How to Get Out of a Bad Date

Creative Ways to Get Out of a Bad Date

The escape methods we've discussed thus far are fairly traditional, but now it's time to get creative. After all, you are in misery, and your date is talking about bringing you to a family reunion next week.

  • Wardrobe malfunction: Ruin your outfit. This is extreme, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Spill a glass of wine on yourself; red works well. Tear your pants or ruin a shoe -- this is especially effective when dancing is involved. Lose a contact or eyeglass lens; this is good on movie dates. These will all prompt your quick exit. You may lament the loss of that special outfit, but you won't lament the loss of your date.
  • Find the Achilles Heel: In the 2003 movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," actors Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are in a bet. Hudson wants McConaughey to dump her; he wants her to escort him to a gala. Hudson proceeds to redecorate McConaughey's apartment, interrupt poker night, make him miss an NBA game -- anything to make him run the other direction. This is what you do when you find your date's Achilles heel -- does he not want children, does she hate sports, is he allergic to cats, is she anti-religion? Find the weakness and play it up. Your date will signal for the check and find a personal escape route.
  • The emergency: This can be a sick friend, a flooded apartment, the dog you forgot to feed or a relative you're supposed to pick up at the airport. This takes good acting, because you need the right amount of urgency while still being believable. You don't want to be so desperate as to encourage your date to come with you to help.

While these methods can be effective, sometimes honesty really is the best policy. If you're a terrible liar, click to the next page for some more upstanding methods.