How to Get Out of a Bad Date

Using Honesty to Get Out of a Bad Date
Sometimes honesty is the best policy for escaping from a bad date.
Sometimes honesty is the best policy for escaping from a bad date.

Sometimes, when you're stuck in a bad situation, it's best just to tell the truth. Tell your date it's not working for you, and suggest that you end it rather than waste his or her time. This approach is direct and will most likely work. Who would want to hang out once they've been rejected? Of course, for every person who agrees with this tactic, you can probably find just as many who would say it's too harsh. If you're not going to see this person again, would a little white lie spare hurt feelings? You be the judge.

It's easier said than done, but you can use honesty to avoid getting yourself into a bad date in the first place. Just as a person can know when something's right, you can also know when it's wrong. So if you don't want to go on the date, remember that you don't have to. Be honest with your potential date and yourself, and just say no. You'll save yourself and the other person a lot of time and stress. If you're having trouble being direct, here are a few other options for excuses -- most likely, you can turn one of these into the truth, so you won't feel guilty about lying:

  1. The busy schedule: Between work, social obligations and family, you have no time. If you can't seem to schedule the date, you won't have to worry about escaping it. After all, who wants to call repeatedly just to get one date? When the date-setting process becomes too difficult, the other person will likely give up. Mission accomplished.
  2. Chores: You have to clean your apartment, go grocery shopping, wash your hair -- anything involving something other than a date. Again, this may be just a temporary stopgap. After all, your house and your hair can only get so clean. But because people can read between the lines, this may work.
  3. It's not you, it's me: You're just getting over someone, you're not "in a dating place," or you're going through a selfish phase right now. Anything that sounds like it might have been used on the Dr. Phil show will usually stop someone from asking again. Few people want to take on an emotional challenge. However, beware of that eager beaver who wants to be the one to fix you.

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