Office Romances: Are They Ever A Good Idea?

Ah, the holidays: presents, office parties ... and office hookups resulting from too much mistletoe and gin fizzes. But can office romances actually work? Or do they live up to their heartbreaking reputation?

Getting Colder ...

"I never looked twice at John," said Corinne, 32, an office manager from New York. "I was in my own world and he was kind of goofy looking, but about the funniest guy I ever met. One day, something just all of a sudden clicked. And I was like, 'This guy's hysterical!' And then I was head over heels."

In the beginning, John seemed to feel the same. "We both started to come into work early, so we could have some time alone," Corinne remembers. "Everyone knew pretty early on, but it was still nice to spend time together without all these eyes on us. He'd bring flowers and whatnot. It was nice."

Quickly, though, what Corrine thought was the beginning of something important went south. "Literally, after I spent the night with him, it was over. I couldn't believe I had fallen for that. I mean, I knew random office hookups happened, but I didn't think it was happening to me. And not John! I mean, this was not Mr. Suave. One of the reasons I fell for him was that he had this dorky thing going on. But I guess that was his m.o."

And how did it all shake out? Corrine admits, "It was terrible ... at first. But something good happened. I fell for his line once more, and the same thing happened. So after that I realized, 'OK, you're a jerk.' And the anger trumped any sadness or guilt I had felt. And that helped me get on with things much more quickly."