10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples


Find a New Mutual Hobby Together

Scuba diving is a fun and exciting hobby you can pursue with your spouse.
Scuba diving is a fun and exciting hobby you can pursue with your spouse.

New experiences keep marriages dynamic. Cultivate new conversations, passions and mutual interests by choosing a new hobby together. If you're both into sports, consider golf, tennis, squash, running or walking. Consider surf lessons, tai chi or cooking classes. Just choose an activity that you both enjoy and will have fun learning about together.

If you love eating out, explore new restaurants once a week without the kids. Make it extra special by dressing up, getting your spouse flowers or choosing a special bottle of champagne.

While choosing a movie that you'll both enjoy once in a while is a good option, television isn't a worthwhile hobby. When we're watching mindless television we're often zoned out rather than engaged in meaningful time together.

By continually putting energy into your relationship, you'll see the benefits on down the line in the form of a deeper, kinder love.

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