10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples


Make Your Spouse Your First Priority

Remember when you used to open the door for her?
Remember when you used to open the door for her?

With time, even the strongest couples can begin taking each other for granted. After all, your spouse is the person you trust the most. But venturing down this road can lead to a lot of heartbreak. Your partner needs assurance that she is always your most important priority. Relationships firmly rooted in this principle remain exciting well into old age.

Always be aware of what's going on in your partner's world. Avoid getting so caught up in your own responsibilities that you forget about the other person you're sharing a bed with each night.

Go the extra mile as if you're in the courting days, opening doors and pulling out chairs for your loved one. When you're making decisions, ask yourself if your decision benefits your partner as well. Think back to when you first knew you were in love and how you would do anything for each other.

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