10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples


Keep the Passion Alive

Passion marks the first stage of a relationship. It's that first attraction, the first kiss and the first time you made love. But strong relationships preserve the passion even when hairs gray and skin wrinkles. Just as you make your partner a priority, make passion a priority.

Plan a spicy date night by making a meal filled with natural aphrodisiacs. Include oysters as an appetizer followed by barbecued salmon, honey and chocolate truffles for dessert. Oysters, honey and chocolate are all aphrodisiacs connected with sensuality. Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor. Casanova understood the sexual influence of chocolate. And oysters are the most celebrated aphrodisiac of them all.

Couple and marriage retreats can also reignite the fire. These retreats can include intimacy coaching, relationship counseling and massage therapy. Such retreats can remind you why you fell in love with one another in the first place.

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