5 Cute Ways to Tell a Girl Goodnight

Say it in Another Language

"Good night" sounds so dry and uninspiring when you say it in English. Think how much more sophisticated and worldly you'll sound if instead you say it in French: "Bonne nuit," (pronounced bun-nwee) Italian: "Buonanotte" (bwohn-ah-note-teh) or Chinese: "Wǎnān" (wah-ahn).

Or, you could get even more exotic and say good night to your date in one of these languages:

Swedish -- God natt (gohd-naht)

Polish -- Dobranoc (dohbrah-notz)

Tagalog -- Magandang gabi (mah-gan-dang ga-bi)

Russian- -- Spokoinoi nochi (spuh-koi-nai no-chee)

Japanese -- Oyasumi (oh-yeah-sue-mee)

Swahili -- Usiku mwema (oo-see-koo mm-weh-mah)

Want to impress her even more? Don't just say the words "good night" in another language. Make an entire statement. She might not have any idea what you're saying (especially if she wasn't paying attention in her foreign language classes), but she'll love the way the words sound rolling off your tongue.


You're amazing -- Tu es magnifique! (Tü eh mah-nyee-feek!)

You're for me the most beautiful -- Tu es pour moi la plus belle (Tü eh pour mwah la plü belle)


You're beautiful -- Eres muy bonita (Eh-res mooee bo-nee-tah)

You have a beautiful smile -- Tu sonrisa es bonita (Too son-rree-sah es boh-nee-tah)

I enjoy being with you, because you put a smile on my face -- Me gusta estar contigo, me haces sonreír (Me goo-sta es-tar con-tee-go, me ah-ses son-ray-eer)


You are my star -- Tu sei la mia stella (Too say la mee-ah ste-lah)

You are everything for me -- Sei tutto per me (Say too-toh pehr meh)

We have a few more sweetly romantic ways to say "good night" on the next page.

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