5 Flirting Tips for Men


Play Hard to Get

Making her work a little bit will pique her interest.
Making her work a little bit will pique her interest.

Yes, we realize this seems like a complete contradiction of the advice we gave you in No. 5, but it's not exactly. It's human nature to desire what may not be yours, so it's good to pay attention to the woman of your pursuits, but maybe not too much attention at first. This means don't fawn all over her, complimenting her every feature and acting like you can't live without her. This could quickly fall into stalker territory. If you're in a group, be sure to talk to other people, especially other women. Just don't flirt with the other women because this will send mixed signals to the one you like. You don't want the apple of your eye to give up on you entirely.

When you're talking to her, don't overly approve of everything she says. You don't want to go overboard and reject her comments, but it's OK to let her wonder what you're thinking about. Yes, this all falls under the category of games, which generally isn't a good idea in relationships. But all is fair in the flirting arena.