5 Flirting Tips for Men

Make Her Laugh
A good sense of humor is high on many women's lists.
A good sense of humor is high on many women's lists.

It's no secret that making a woman laugh is one of the quickest ways to get her attention. Believe it or not, for many ladies, funny and charming rank right up there with handsome and athletic. Why do you think Jack Black gets romantic leads in movies?

In regard to being a funny guy, obviously, we're not talking about pulling out your arsenal full of knock-knock jokes. And you may want to avoid making light of politics or religion until you know where she stands on those issues. You can always start by lightly make fun of yourself. Self-deprecation, if done right, lets her know you're confident enough to laugh at yourself, and that is a turn-on. Lightly making fun of her in an appreciative way is another flirting technique that will clue her in that you like her -- as long as you keep it on the level. You don't want to turn it into a roast. You'll definitely want to skip the butt jokes unless she makes one first. And even then, you're probably best avoiding any jokes about her body unless she's a swimsuit model. Remember, light and fun is the name of the game.