5 Reasons to Exercise as a Couple

Friendly Competition Can Re-kindle a Fire

Working out, like a relationship, can become monotonous if you allow it to be. Go through the the same reps of the same exercises and endlessly repeat the same routines and, naturally, your level of interest and excitement will decline. Why not make things interesting with a little friendly competition? You might just find that the internal fire you create during exercise carries over to your personal life [source: Fisher].

The next time you're on a jog with your honey, try finishing with a sprint. If one of you is faster than the other, then allow the slower runner to get a head start. There's nothing like the thrill of the chase. Or see who can finish 10 reps of an exercise first. Make sure to keep it light and fun, but the little bit of extra drive will not only encourage you both to try harder -- it'll liven up your interactions. Speaking of interactions, you can place a wager on the outcome of your competition. The reward could be foot rubs or control of the television remote.

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