5 Reasons to Exercise as a Couple

You Get 'er Done

We've all noticed it. The local gym is packed in January and quiet by March. It's no secret; one of the hardest parts about working out is sticking with it for the long term. The tiniest of things get in the way and pretty soon three weeks have passed since you've exercised. That's what your sweetie can help prevent.

Having your significant other on the same workout schedule can act as a great motivator to get out of bed in the morning. If you're sluggish, she can give you a friendly nudge. If she pushes the snooze button, you can hold her accountable. Love hurts. That two-person support network can be vital to keeping an exercise regimen going, especially if the person you're burning calories with is your loved one. [source: Ellis]. We call that a win-win.

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