5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Night


Don't Stress Out

Focus on what goes right, not what goes wrong.
Focus on what goes right, not what goes wrong.

If you're trying to plan the perfect romantic night, things can get stressful. You want everything to be perfect, and you want every word out of your mouth to be a breathtaking declaration of love. To truly have a great night, you're going to have to relax and go with the flow, for your own sake as well as that of your partner. Stress is very unromantic.

So don't get too worked up if the candles keep going out, or if your reservation gets lost or if the hot air balloon ride gets cancelled because of weather. On a romantic night, it's not so important what you do, it's important that you spend time with your loved one. Have fun and enjoy yourselves, and remember that one couple's romantic night likely looks very different from another couple's. Despite the tips on our list, there's no right or wrong way to set the mood for romance, so stop judging yourself on perceived failures and focus on that loving feeling!

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