5 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Fresh

Grooming and Hygiene

Remember at the beginning of your relationship when you always looked your best for each other, when not even a nose hair was out of place? As time passes, it's hard to maintain the same attention to appearance as we did in the beginning, what with the baby spit-up, weekly housecleaning and gardening chores, and lazy Sundays. If your relationship has lost a little of its fizzle, take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. Paying just a little extra attention to grooming and hygiene can make the idea of spontaneous sex a lot more appealing.

Men, have you shaved recently or trimmed your facial hair (and removed food crumbs)? Trimmed your fingernails and toenails? Ladies, are you so comfortable in your favorite T-shirt-slash-nightgown that your lingerie has been forgotten in the back of the closet? Finally, everyone, have you bathed recently?

Don't forget about the importance of your surroundings. Groom your environment for romance with a little creative and cheap home redecorating. Dim the lighting or turn it off altogether and light some candles. Dress up the bed with extra pillows and soft, luxurious sheets to roll around in together. Try aromatherapy: Jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla are scents that have been used for hundreds of years to arouse the senses and inspire sexy thoughts [source: Vukovic].

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