5 Tips for Working on a Relationship

Talk It Out
No cell phones or distractions allowed!
No cell phones or distractions allowed!
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If there's any kind of conflict in any kind of relationship, then the only way to resolve it properly is through open communication. In fact, good communication skills can help to avoid conflict to begin with. When both people in a relationship exchange ideas and expectations using clear words, then the one thing you can check off your list of potential problems is confusion. When conflict does arise -- and it will -- use calm and clear language with each other. Communication is all about getting ideas across and that's pretty tough to do if you're yelling, interrupting each other, or not speaking truthfully. Take your time and measure your thoughts before you speak, and when you know what you want to say, keep it at that. If you let your emotions rule, you'll only end up saying things you wish you could take back.


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