5 Tips for Working on a Relationship

Dig Deep

In any kind of relationship conflict, there's typically a core issue that needs to be resolved. But because this is a relationship between humans (who are fallible), there are probably also a lot of surrounding issues that will get in the way of a speedy resolution.

Many times, couples fight about things that aren't even the real issue because the core problem is tough to address. In these cases, fighting will likely happen, but it will take the shape of more mundane arguments. Once you sit back and think for a moment, you might realize that the issue isn't the position of the toilet seat, but really something else. Making your way through the muck and mire that clog up a relationship is necessary to get to the real issue at hand. Dealing with that issue is the only way to grow as a couple or partnership. It takes some practice, but try diving right into the core issue next time there's some conflict in your relationship.

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