5 Tips for Working on a Relationship

Give a Little

Here's a tip for anyone in a relationship -- learn the art of compromise. People can be stubborn and headstrong in any kind of relationship. It's normal to have strong feelings about something, but unless you learn how to compromise, you're only setting yourself up for a long and frustrating life. Knowing when to give in some will serve you in every kind of relationship you can have in life. Most conflict scenarios can't be qualified as one person being 100 percent right or wrong. There are degrees of right and wrong in any complex relationship and that's where compromise comes in. Giving a little on each side will make both of you feel like you won. The key to any business compromise is both parties feeling like they walked away with the better deal. Compromise in a marriage is also a great lesson to teach your children. If they see mom and dad working together in compromise, they'll learn early on that relationships are all about give and take.

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