5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship


Hobbies and Getaways

In lieu of expensive gifts, add some spice to your relationship by picking up an exciting hobby or planning a modest getaway together.

For hobbies, any fun activity requiring teamwork will do, but make sure you and your partner understand the ground rules: No bickering or fighting allowed. For instance, dancing -- either professionally or hitting the town once a week -- will get you and your partner's blood flowing as long as you don't get frustrated with one another.

Simple getaways are especially useful in reviving romance. Although a day trip to the local spa may be the answer for you and your beloved, other couples might favor driving through the countryside or going on a date in a neighboring town. Either way, you'll want to dedicate quality time to focus on your partner.

Before cramming several activities into one trip, be careful not to plan too much. Nothing puts a damper on romance like enforced schedules. Embracing the moment can be dreamier than you think.

Next, we'll take a look at how food can spice up your relationship.