5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

Add Food to the Mix

Flavorful eats can help spice up your relationship as well. Of course, a romantic dinner to de-stress from a long day can be ideal. But if you want to shake things up, embark on an adventure to try new, exotic foods and restaurants. Regardless of how the food tastes, the fact that you and your partner are trying new things together will create a livelier time.

Some couples prefer bringing food into the bedroom to spice things up. Although the reliability of aphrodisiacs depends more on your expectations of them working, they still might be fun to try with your partner once you've examined their safety [source: Swanson]. It's best to stay away from supplements and pills that claim to boost libido. Instead, stick with everyday foods such as oysters and chocolate -- placebo effects abound.

You can also rekindle your relationship by making -- or buying -- your partner's favorite dessert. Sometimes you have to satisfy the sweet tooth to reach the heart.

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