5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

Bring Formal Back

What makes those first dates and months together so dreamy and memorable?

Thinking about it, you may find that a certain level of formality played a role. That is, you and your partner hardly knew one another, which added to the excitement of dating at first. This isn't to say that the beginning of your relationship is superior to any other time, but the truth is you probably had less trouble spicing things up. Perhaps you sported your favorite outfit or tried extra hard to impress your partner when you first met.

Spicing up your relationship can be as easy as injecting these formal elements back into your date nights. To revive the intensity and ardor in your, organize a second "first" date together, planning a fun night on the town or at home. You could even revisit the places you first met or had your first dates.

Bringing formal back helps you and your partner recognize why you became enamored with one another in the first place.

Up next, we'll have you talking about old memories … and making new ones.