5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

Talk About Past and Future

Good communication is vital for a healthy relationship, but how can simply talking add flavor to your relationship?

There's something that rekindles a couple's connection when they reminisce about the past or fantasize about what the future may hold. Recalling the time you first met or even first impressions can bring those first-date butterflies back. Couples that recollect times when they laughed together can increase their overall satisfaction with the relationship, research shows [source: Bazzini et al.].

Perhaps remembering the good times will inspire you to make more.

And if you're not interested in rousing the past, think about ways you two can feed your romance in the future. Think about all the adventurous and romantic things you want to do -- even if it's totally expensive and unreasonable.

Don't be afraid to talk about realistic goals for the future, too. Research has shown that couples who understand one another's goals are likely to be more satisfied with their relationship and feel more connected to their partner [source: Riediger, Rauers].

Read on to find out why spontaneity is the ultimate spice to relationships.