10 Crazy Contraceptives from History

Weasel Testicles
Weasels everywhere are probably thankful that this method of birth control is no longer popular. © MikeLane45/iStock/Thinkstock

Here's one that's based more in magic than medically sound advice; in the Middle Ages, it was believed a woman could prevent pregnancy by wearing an amulet strapped to her thigh.

This special amulet was made from the testicles of a weasel (you'd need both), and/or bone removed from the right side of an all-black cat (this was important; the cat had to be completely black) and some earwax from a mule. According to superstition, a woman could also avoid getting pregnant by wearing those weasel's testicles around her neck (if, perhaps, she didn't have any mule's earwax or an all-black cat).