10 Completely Wrong Ways to Use a Condom

Fail to Fix a Fail.
See how this condom wraps around from the side of the rim? It's inside out. iStockphoto/ThinkStock

With so many wrong ways to put on condoms, everyone who uses them will probably slip up at some point during their sexual history. The worst thing to do when it happens, whether the condom's inside out, broken or on too tight, is just to ignore it and keep going. To repeat the last page: The deceptively simple solution of fixing a wrong-side-out condom by taking it off and flipping it the right way has its own major flaw. Once flipped, one partner's bodily fluid is on the outside, ready for contact with the other's. As many as 30 percent of people who accidentally start a condom off inside out make this mistake [source: Sanders et al.].

The best thing to do any time something goes wrong while putting on a condom is to throw that condom away and get a new one. It's a pretty good reason to keep extra condoms around (as long as they're not in a wallet, in a glove box or right next to the heating vent).