How Vasectomies Work

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Before your vasectomy, you will need to choose a doctor for the surgery, which might take a little research. Some ideas to help you choose the appropriate doctor include:

  • Get personal insights from friends and relatives who have had vasectomies.
  • Consider whether you would prefer a male or female surgeon, and get a referral to a urologist from your primary care doctor.
  • Request that your wife or partner talk to her friends to get recommendations of urologists, family practice doctors or general surgeons.
  • Ask each doctor about the types of vasectomy he or she performs, and get an idea of the one you feel most comfortable with.

Once you choose your doctor, you will need to set up an initial consultation several weeks or months before your scheduled surgery. It might be valuable to bring your spouse or partner along for this visit. Your doctor will take a thorough health history and discuss all of the risks and benefits of vasectomy. He or she may ask questions about your family size and your personal reasons for seeking a vasectomy. You will need to disclose details about any medications that you take regularly, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Some drugs, like blood thinners, affect your blood's ability to clot, so you may need to stop taking them or take a lower dose at least 10 days before surgery. This includes medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen [source: Zieve et al.]. Your doctor may also do a physical examination to rule out any anatomical issues that would interfere with the surgery [source: Clenney].