Female Reproductive System

HowStuffWorks answers your questions about parts of the female anatomy and how they function. Learn how the different parts of the female reproductive system work in this section.

A new study found that menstrual cups are greater breeding grounds for the bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome than tampons.

Using contrast dye dissolved in poppy-seed oil could be a cost-efficient alternative to treatments like IVF, new research confirms.

Menstrual cups still don’t get much love from many American women. Why's that?

A new study finds that estrogen withdrawal due to plummeting hormone levels might make women with migraine more susceptible to an attack.

Say you're a female astronaut chosen for a three-year mission. That's 1,100 combined oral contraceptive pills you need to pack to stop your period. Is there a better way?

'Girls' creator was recently hospitalized with a ruptured ovarian cyst. What causes them?

"Misbehaving periods" doesn't appear on any list of medication side effects, but as many women can attest, menstrual irregularities aren't uncommon when you're taking antibiotics. The culprit may not be the drugs.

During puberty, breasts don't always receive identical amounts of the hormone that makes them grow. Why does this happen, and how common is perfect symmetry anyway?

Why are vaginas so taboo? Researchers have shunned them for decades, which means we know much less about the female anatomy in comparison to the male counterparts. Does out of sight really mean out of mind? Not here, as we explore how vaginas work.

The use of hormones in food is a highly debated issue and raises concerns as to possible health risks, especially in children. Learn if hormones in food are causing early menstruation in this article.

Think you know everything about women's hormones just because you know to bring home chocolate during her time of the month? Think again. Check out our list of things that men should know about women's hormones.

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When bras and tampons replace a girl's childish playthings during puberty, it can be tough. Growing up isn't easy, especially when so much is it visible, from acne to a sudden growth spurt.

Is it a rite of passage or pure inconvenience? Women don't see their periods in the same way. But if you decide to trade in your tampon supply for birth control pills that suppress your period altogether, is it bad for you?

The evolutionary rationale behind the male orgasm is obvious -- it's the female orgasm that's a little more obscure. Is it an evolutionary necessity or a lucky accident that's on its way out?

A couple of months ago in Britain, three babies were born from two separate wombs -- inside the same woman. Uterus didelphys -- or a double womb -- is a pretty rare condition. It affects anywhere from about one in 1,000 to one in 1 million women worldwide, and it sometimes occurs in families.

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