10 Causes of Testicular Pain You Shouldn't Ignore



Orchitis is a painful swelling of the testicles that can be caused by another condition we've discussed: epididymitis. It's also commonly caused by some type of bacterial or viral infection, such as mumps, brucellosis and certain STDs.

You'll know you have orchitis if you're experiencing a fever, blood in your semen, and an increase in pain when the penis or testicles are moved, used, thought about or mentioned in casual conversation.

Since there are many different causes of orchitis, it's especially important to seek treatment quickly. The doctor will run tests to discover the source of swelling, and will likely be able to treat the underlying problem with nothing more than antibiotics, along with anti-inflammatories for the swelling itself.

Unfortunately, orchitis caused by mumps (its most common viral cause) can't be treated, and it may result in sterility. Boys may experience shrinking of the testicles when experiencing orchitis caused by mumps.

For cases not caused by mumps, prompt medical attention should result in a happy outcome. In addition to a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, you may need to elevate your scrotum for a few days -- and hopefully your co-workers will be understanding when they drop by your cubicle.