Penis Size Not Related to Pleasure

Men of all ages occasionally have concerns about the size of their erect penis and whether it is sexually adequate. Although a common worry, the size of a man's erection is not related to his ability to please a partner or enjoy sex himself.

In fact, continually thinking about penis size can interfere with achieving an erection, and with the giving and receiving of pleasure.

There is rarely a relationship between the size of a flaccid penis and its size when erect. A small flaccid penis can show a remarkable change as it erects and a large flaccid penis sometimes changes very little in length or thickness, as it becomes erect. An erect penis is typically between five and seven inches long with a diameter between 1.25 and 1.5 inches. Of course there are variations in this range, which allow for some larger and some smaller penises.

It is not uncommon for a man's penis to curve a bit when it is erect. The degree of the curve varies from man to man, but it generally causes no discomfort or interference with sexual activity.

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