Viagra Alternatives: 5 Myths About Natural Male Enhancement Aids

You'll Be Happier

This is perhaps the biggest myth of all when it comes to male enhancement techniques, pills and potions. Likely, a man embarking on a regimen designed to add inches to his penis or minutes to his performance is doing so because he thinks he'll somehow be happier with the results.

But stretching the penis can lead to nerve damage or torn blood vessels. Using pumps, which can help men with medically diagnosed ED, can also damage the elastic tissue in the penis, leading to a lifetime of less-firm erections.

Then there's surgery. In one technique, the suspensory ligament, which helps attach the penis to the pubic bone, is cut. This allows the penis to hang farther away from the body, increasing its length. However, this surgery could lead to penile deformity or unstable erections.

In other techniques designed to increase girth, skin is moved from other pubic areas to the penis, or fat -- taken from your own body or from a cadaver's -- is injected into the organ. In the first case, scarring and unusual hair growth could occur. In the second, much more serious side effects can emerge, including loss of sensation, loss of proper function and, should the fat be absorbed back into the body, an irregularly shaped penis.

If that happens, no one will be calling you Mr. Magic. So instead of seeking greater satisfaction from your endowment, it might be wiser to endow yourself with a greater sense of satisfaction for your natural-born gifts.

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