Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction comes in many forms and can affect both men and women. Learn about sexual dysfunction and maintaining sexual health.

These drugs are known to adversely affect sex drive. If you're taking any of these prescription drugs, you may want to talk to your doctor about finding an alternative that doesn't affect libido.

In the final phase of lovemaking a woman often achieves orgasm. A persistent delay in, or complete absence of, orgasm that causes the woman marked distress has been labeled 'female orgasmic disorder.'

If your sex life with your spouse is just not what it used to be, it could be due to physical, emotional or mental factors. Learn how to fire up a sex life even as you grow older.

Learn more about the most common type of female sexual dysfunction, a hypoactive sexual desire disorder also known as HSDD.

Learn about sexual arousal disorder, including its possible causes and what you can do to conquer it.

Is there any way to get the passion back in your relationship? Learn about reviving your sex life and getting back the romance in your long-term relationship with these ten tips.

Female sexual dysfunction can include a reduced libido, absence of orgasms or problems having intercourse. Here are some of the possible causes and remedies for female sexual dysfunction.

Is there a relationship between erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure? Learn more about these two ailments and their relationship to one another in this article.

Studies show that 43 percent of women report recognizable sexual dysfunction. How can you reclaim your lost libido when you suffer from hypoactive sexual disorder?

What is the definition of female Viagra? Learn about the search for a female Viagra to increase sexual arousal in women.

There is plenty of research that shows sexual problems or emotional distancing between couples negatively affects health. Learn how erectile dysfunction could be a sign of something even more serious.

What are the definitions of sex therapy terms? Learn about how sex therapy can provide psychological treatment for sexual problems.

What are the reasons for sexual guilt and shame? Learn how sexual guilt and shame can negatively affect your sexual health and relationships.

What is the definition of the Valsalva Maneuver? Learn about how the Valsalva Maneuver can help prevent premature ejaculation.

Deep in the Amazon rain forest, you can find two legendary plants -- catuaba and muirapuama. Are they really effective sex enhancers, or is that just a myth?

Behind the funny name of horny goat weed stands a time-tested aphrodisiac that increases libido in men and women, and improves erectile function in men.

Peruvian maca root is a legendary sex-enhancing root passed down from the Inca. Does it really work like a natural Viagra?

Many men and women find that aging and the stress of modern living can result in a weakened libido or physical problems with sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs may not work, but modern pharmaceuticals may offer relief.

Do you know what causes male erectile dysfunction? Learn more about the signs, causes and risks associated with this ailment.

If your sex drive has taken a turn for the worse, consider asking your health professional these questions to determine the possible causes and treatments for your reduced sex drive.

How do you make love again when a medical problem imperils your sex life? Keith and Virginia recount the story of their fight to regain physical intimacy after Keith chose to undergo radical prostatectomy.

The future of sex is fabulous, if the great strides made in sex research during just the past year are any indication. Here's a sampling of recently discovered scientific clues about men's and women's sexual function and dysfunction.

Men, if you have problems getting an erection, it may be a psychological problem. A good way to pin down the reason is to take a simple at-home test that involves the use of four to six postage stamps.

There are several products undergoing development and testing that are intended to promote sexual health in men and women. Learn about which products are showing promise in combating the effects of impotence.

Many men and women experience sexual dysfunction as they get older, but seeking treatment can often result in the revival of your libido. Learn about treatment options for sexual dysfunction.