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HowStuffWorks explores the functions -- and dysfunctions -- of the reproductive system. Learn about maintaining a healthy sex life and avoiding and treating sexual problems.

Sexual health trivia facts can help you revive your sex life. Learn fascinating sexual health trivia facts.

Many men and women find that aging and the stress of modern living can result in a weakened libido or physical problems with sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs may not work, but modern pharmaceuticals may offer relief.

What should you do when your partner is hot and you're not? Learn how it can affect your relationship when your partner is hot and you're not.

Are you ready for sex? Deciding when to engage or not engage in sexual relations is one of the most important decisions a person, of any age, can make.

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Sexual health is just as important as mental and physical health. Get answers to all of your sexual health questions with the help of this article.

Do you know what causes male erectile dysfunction? Learn more about the signs, causes and risks associated with this ailment.

If your sex drive has taken a turn for the worse, consider asking your health professional these questions to determine the possible causes and treatments for your reduced sex drive.

How do you make love again when a medical problem imperils your sex life? Keith and Virginia recount the story of their fight to regain physical intimacy after Keith chose to undergo radical prostatectomy.

The future of sex is fabulous, if the great strides made in sex research during just the past year are any indication. Here's a sampling of recently discovered scientific clues about men's and women's sexual function and dysfunction.

Men, if you have problems getting an erection, it may be a psychological problem. A good way to pin down the reason is to take a simple at-home test that involves the use of four to six postage stamps.

There are several products undergoing development and testing that are intended to promote sexual health in men and women. Learn about which products are showing promise in combating the effects of impotence.

Many men and women experience sexual dysfunction as they get older, but seeking treatment can often result in the revival of your libido. Learn about treatment options for sexual dysfunction.

Many people turn to herbal remedies before seeking out prescription drugs to help with sexual dysfunction. But make sure that you consider the risks of these herbal alternatives in addition to their benefits.

These ten little-known sexual dysfunction facts may surprise you. Learn the truth about sexual dysfunction with these tidbits of information.

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The menstrual cycle is the female reproductive cycle that makes eggs available for fertilization. Learn about the different phases of menstruation.