10 Celebrities Known for their Complexions

Jennifer Aniston
The face that launched a dozen tabloids
The face that launched a dozen tabloids
Associated Press/Reed Saxon

Jennifer Aniston can barely blow her nose without the tabloids picking up on it and trying to figure out what such an action means. Did she blow her nose because she's was crying and sad about her ex-husband Brad Pitt? When everything you do is fodder for gossip columnists and "Entertainment Tonight" holds roundtable discussions on your love life, it might be tempting to shut the doors and live like a hermit.

Aniston shows no sign of living a hermit's life any time soon, however. She appears onscreen and on the red carpet with glowing, healthy skin. Aniston undoubtedly uses many beauty products -- the National Enquirer once reported that she spent $20,000 a month on her appearance, from personal chefs to spa treatments (but please, consider the source). But Aniston seems aware that true beauty also comes from within. She is an avowed yoga aficionado who appeared in her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber's workout video to explain how much the yoga practice had changed her life [source: Aradillas]. In this case, happy body and mind probably lead to happy face.