5 Tips for Smoother Skin

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If you go running in the sun, don't forget to wear sunscreen.
If you go running in the sun, don't forget to wear sunscreen.

Keeping your weight in check can give you smooth and healthy skin. Exercise, combined with a good diet, will do wonders for one of your most important organs.

Exercise increases your circulation, delivering more nutrients to the skin and the rest of your body while carrying away toxins. It also helps the body produce collagen, which minimizes wrinkles [source: WebMD].

If you smoke or drink too much alcohol, chances are you're harming your skin. Smokers have more wrinkles around their eyes and mouths, and tobacco can cause the skin to turn a yellow or brown color [source: American Skin Association].

People who consume too much alcohol develop enlarged oil glands and blood vessels, which can make your pores appear larger. Chronic alcohol abuse can often leads to liver problems, turning the skin a yellowish color.

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