How could an "anti-aging molecule" work?

The CGK733 Molecule

Could CGK733 slow down or even reverse the aging process?
Could CGK733 slow down or even reverse the aging process?
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One of the most promising discoveries related to this "anti-aging molecule" is the fact that when the molecule is removed from the cell, the cell goes right back to its normal aging process. This means that the activity of the death-knell protein is not completely shut down -- it is only delayed, or "dimmed," as Dr. Kim puts it. This makes the molecule a possible agent for pharmaceuticals, since it can be regulated in dosages to dim the protein activity in varying degrees. While genetic intervention has been able to achieve similar results, CGK733 is the first molecule known to slow or reverse aging without messing with actual strands of DNA.

Possible applications for the molecule, which are probably at least 10 years off, include the healing of wounds, cosmetic-related drugs and the generation of human tissue to reverse bodily damage and disease. Scientist still have a lot of work to do to ensure that the molecule has no terrible side effects. One known possible side effect of shutting down cellular protein mechanisms is cancer.

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