10 Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Lighten Up on Life

It may sound simplistic, but "don't worry, be happy" could be an effective antidote to wrinkles. Stress can thin and weaken skin. Weaker skin is less able to resist the pull of gravity. Also, excessive, exaggerated facial expressions like frowns and scowls can aggravate or deepen wrinkles. All combined, an anxious, aggressive approach to life can increase wrinkles. So worrying about wrinkles may actually make them worse.

Instead, give your mind and body something more productive to do. De-stress with exercise or a hobby. Listen to music or watch a few of your favorite sitcoms [source: WebMD. If you think you can't fit down time in your schedule, learn time-management techniques. Taking control of your time can help reduce stress in itself [source:WebMD].

To put things in perspective, think of that shar-pei puppy we talked about on the first page. If it doesn't worry about its wrinkles, deep and numerous as they are, why should you worry about a few lines and creases?

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