Do some skin creams really reduce cellulite?

Cellulite creams can take weeks to deliver any results. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
Cellulite creams can take weeks to deliver any results. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
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Cellulite, that dimpled skin that often appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks, is the bane of many women's existences. Unlike some imperfections that can be hidden under clothes, if you have any desire to wear shorts or a skirt -- or even (gasp!) a bathing suit -- be prepared for cellulite to rear its ugly head.

Though the term "cellulite" refers to fat that shows through the skin, even thin women can have it, since everyone has some fat on their body. Many experts also believe that genetics influences the degree of cellulite a person has [source: Doheny]. And, unfortunately, skin creams cannot really make it go away. However, a few may be able to temporarily reduce cellulite's appearance to some degree.


Effective cellulite creams work to reduce the condition's appearance by smoothing the surface of the skin and draining away fluid underneath, shrinking fat cells [source: Doheny, CBS]. How do you know what works? Look for a cellulite skin cream that includes ingredients like retinol, which thickens and improves circulation in the skin; caffeine, which can reduce the size of the fat cells that cause cellulite; and alpha hydroxy acids, which improve the overall texture of skin by helping to rid it of dead cells [source: CBS].

In addition to selecting the right creams, you should have a set regimen when applying the cream -- you'll likely have to apply it in the morning and at night -- and have the patience to give it time to work. When it comes to cellulite, everyone wants miracle results, but you may have to wait anywhere from a few weeks to months to see some difference. Lastly, these creams are most effective when combined with a targeted diet and exercise program. Exercise can reduce body fat while building and toning muscle, which may be the key to actually getting rid of some of your cellulite for good [source: Doheny].

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