Top 5 Tweezer Tips

Treat Your Tweezers with Respect
Consider setting aside a pair of tweezers for medical purposes, even if you're not a surgeon.
Consider setting aside a pair of tweezers for medical purposes, even if you're not a surgeon.
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You should treat a good pair of tweezers like a precision instrument. Many manufacturers hand-tool their products and guarantee their sharpness and alignment. Alignment refers to the position of one tip relative to the other. When tweezers are aligned at the factory, the tip centers come together precisely. This leads to more force being transmitted to the hair, which results in more effective, less painful plucking. If you drop a pair of tweezers, you can affect the alignment or damage the tip. So don't throw your tweezers carelessly into a drawer or medicine cabinet. And always place the protective cap back on the tips.

By the same token, you should also respect your own health and safety when tweezing. Tweezer tips are extremely sharp, so don't dig too vigorously in your mission to snag every stray hair. You should also keep tweezers away from children, who might accidentally injure themselves or others. And don't forget to clean your tweezers after each use. Wipe the tips clean with a disinfectant and make sure you dry the entire piece to prevent rusting.

One final thought: Consider keeping at least two pairs of tweezers -- one for hair removal and one for medical purposes. Many manufacturers offer specialty tweezers that can be handy additions to your first-aid kit. Splinter tweezers have extra-fine tips to grasp even tiny slivers. And tick tweezers feature short, wide handles for a firm, confident grip.

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