How to Pick a Hair Removal Specialist

Hair Removal Specialist Experience

Now that you know that your hair removal specialist has been properly trained, you need to find out what kind of experience he or she has. Some practitioners have more experience and success performing hair removal procedures than others.

Even medical professionals such as dermatologists and dermatological surgeons, commonly called dermasurgeons, have varying degrees of expertise. Some specialists may have had more practice performing procedures such as electrolysis and laser hair removal. One good way to find likely candidates is to ask family, friends and other trusted physicians. Personal recommendations can be the best sources of information. If you don't have a personal source, you can check rating Web sites, such as Angie's List or Rate MDs, to get a better sense of other patients' experiences with particular physicians [sources: American Society for Dermatological Surgery].

To evaluate a specialist's experience, you should always go in for a consultation first. Many practitioners provide free consultations. During these meetings, you should ask how long the practitioner has been performing electrolysis or laser hair removal and how many procedures he or she has done. You might also ask to see pictures of his or her work. This visual evidence will enable you to evaluate the quality of the specialist's work for yourself. You can also take advantage of the consultation to look around the physician's office. Consider the behavior of the staff, the cleanliness of the space and the comfort that you feel [sources: WebMD].

During a consultation, you might want to find out whether the practitioner has his or her own equipment, and you should ask questions particular to your skin type and overall health, such as what procedures are best suited to you and what the risks and probable outcomes of treatment are. The practitioner should also explain what to expect before, during and after the procedure. A good physician will ask you about your medical history before agreeing to perform any procedure [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

Once you've found the right professional, you want to ask a few more questions before you go in for the procedure. Read on for some final thoughts on safety.