How to Feel Confident in Your Skin

Feeling confident in yourself despite having a skin condition isn't always easy to do.
Feeling confident in yourself despite having a skin condition isn't always easy to do.
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It's not always easy to feel confident in your skin. Your skin is the largest, most exposed organ of your body [source: Healy]. It's hard at work every day protecting you from bacteria, ultraviolet light, pollution and many other things that can do damage. Considering the beating skin takes, it's not that surprising that there are so many skin problems. They are much more common than you might think. Unfortunately, a lot of them also aren't easy to hide, and that can make it pretty hard to feel confident.

Most skin problems are harmless, but unfortunately some still tend to be unsightly. Something as common as psoriasis or eczema can lead to psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety, which sometimes has a lot less to do with the person's physical reaction to the condition than it does with the responses of others around them [source: Lewis]. The key to living with skin problems is understanding what they are and helping those around you do the same.

When it comes down to it, everyone would love to have perfect skin but that's extremely unlikely. We don't get to pick out our DNA and special order the circumstances of our lives when we're born. If you have a skin problem, take the time to research it. There's a good chance you might be able to control it, and, if not, there are probably other people out there who are dealing with the same thing and can give you insight.

Approaching a doctor or dermatologist might also be a good route. Doctors will often have insight or treatments you can use to help you feel more confident with your appearance.

Keep reading to find out how skin problems can affect more than just your reflection in the mirror.