10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Demarcation Lines

Maybe you've had this experience: In a shiny store window, you catch a reflection and do a double-take. Is that someone wearing a mask of your face? You step closer to check. The reflection steps closer, too. It's you, all right, but there's a big line creating a visible boundary around your face at your jaw, chin and hairline. It looks like you're holding a carnival mask up to your face.

How did this happen? A demarcation line separating your face from the rest of you head usually indicates that you didn't blend your foundation enough. You might be using the wrong application tool, or your foundation could be so thick that it resists blending. To correct the issue, try one or more of these remedies:

  • Use a dampened makeup sponge to blend away the edges of foundation
  • Carry the foundation coverage below your jaw, blending it into the skin of your neck
  • Mix your foundation with water or moisturizer to thin it and to create a lighter, sheerer texture

If you've mastered the application process, but your foundation still doesn't look right, go to the next page to find out what might be wrong.