10 Common Makeup Mishaps

Surprise Ending

A little heavy-handedness with the tweezers can make a dramatic, long-lasting impact on your eyebrows. It may not even seem like you did that much -- a pluck here, a pluck there. But somehow your face has taken on a permanently surprised expression.

What can you do to correct over-plucking? First, put the tweezers down and slowly back away from the mirror. The only remedy here is to wait until your eyebrows grow back.

In the meantime, you can fill eyebrow gaps with brow powder or pencil. If your brows are pale, go one shade darker. If they're dark, go one shade lighter. To supplement your brows with powder, brush it lightly into the sparse areas. If you want to use a brow pencil instead, make short, light strokes to sketch in individual eyebrows where you need them. If you draw a line on your eyebrow, you might end up looking like a mannequin.

When your brows grow back, you can hire a professional to reshape them if you think you need help. Or you can just practice restraint. Your natural brow shape is often the best look for your face.

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