10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Scarlet Fever

Here's another scenario: You've met your friends for an afternoon outing. One asks if you're feeling OK and tests your forehead to see if you're feverish. Another laughs and asks if you're joining the circus. The likely cause for this odd greeting: The blush that looked just right in the dim artificial light of your bathroom is alarmingly bright in natural sunlight. It makes you look either feverish or clownish.

There are some easy remedies for scarlet fever cheeks. If the blazing blush is a powder, you can use a clean makeup brush or cotton ball to brush away the excess. If that doesn't work, brush on a bit of natural-color powder to tone it down. For a cream blush, mix some moisturizer with your foundation and apply it over the too-bright blush.

To avoid this problem in the future, find the right color of blush for your complexion. Just pinch your cheeks and look for a blush that matches that color.

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