10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Blazing Spotlights

Try to emphasize one feature at a time, rather than all of them.
Try to emphasize one feature at a time, rather than all of them.
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Sometimes even an in-store makeover can leave you looking more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Monroe. How could this happen? Product professionals may have training in cosmetic arts, but their main job is to sell lots of makeup. During makeovers, they might work on one area of your face at a time, keeping the mirror focused on that feature while demonstrating techniques or experimenting with colors. While each area looks lovely individually, the overall effect is overwhelming because it highlights too many features.

There's a cure for this problem that doesn't involve disposing of half the cosmetics you just bought. Instead, just use the makeup in a sort of rotation, letting one feature at a time enjoy the spotlight.

Choose the feature you want to emphasize and down-play the others with natural or neutral tones. If you want your lips to stand out, for example, limit your eye makeup to mascara and use a light hand with a sheer blush. If your eyes are the star of the show, use lip color that's close to your natural tone.

It's also possible to err in the opposite direction and make your features fade. Learn how to avoid that makeup mishap with the next tip.