10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Foggy Windows

Sometimes, no matter how great your new outfit looks, the eye shadow you chose to match it can leave your eyes looking dull and flat. The problem is that your eye makeup should enhance the color and shape of your eyes, not match your clothes. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't play with color.

To make your eyes stand out, choose eye shadow, eye liner and even mascara that contrast with your eye color. This contrast can help draw attention to what, for many people, is their most powerful feature. In her book, "Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous," TLC's "What Not to Wear" makeup artist Carmindy suggests these pairings:

  • For brown eyes, try deep shades of navy and sapphire blue, or forest and emerald green
  • For blue eyes, go with chocolate brown, taupe or bronze
  • For green eyes, uses shades of purple like eggplant, amethyst, lavender or burgundy
  • For hazel eyes, apply rich green shades to deepen the brown tones and turn up the green elements in the iris [source: Carmindy]

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