10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Blob Attack

When thick, clumpy mascara chunks up on your lashes and glues them together, you may wonder if it's the fault of the brand, the brush or your technique. The answer is it could be a little of all of those. Thick mascara can get lumpy on the lashes. If it's a tube you've been using for a while, it may be drying out and getting flaky. You could be accelerating the problem if you pump your brush into the tube. Pumping forces air into the tube, drying the mascara and causing flakes.

Try this application approach to prevent blobs:

  1. Before applying mascara, comb your eyelashes to separate them.
  2. Roll your brush over a napkin or paper towel to remove excess mascara before applying it to your lashes. Don't use a tissue; it has too much lint.
  3. Use a single, slow-motion sweep of the brush over your lashes instead of many short, quick strokes.
  4. Stop after one coat.
  5. Comb your lashes again to break up and remove any mascara clumps.

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