10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Blown Cover

If you don't blend your concealer well, it can look too obvious.
If you don't blend your concealer well, it can look too obvious.
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By definition, concealer should be hidden. But like foundation, if it's not well blended or well matched to your skin tone, it can look obvious. Concealers that have a white cast will highlight what you're trying to hide. Heavy application of under-eye concealer is another dead giveaway.

"If you try to erase every last trace of darkness, you'll wind up with a creasy, cakey mess," explains Carmindy in her beauty advice book, "Get Positively Beautiful" [source: Carmindy].

To keep your concealer concealed, make sure you have several shades on hand. Then you can use the one that works best with the differing tones of your skin as it's affected by season, health and your ability to get enough sleep each night.

For blemishes, select a concealer with a slightly yellow tone and make sure that you blend it into the surrounding skin well. However, for a red pimple, you may want to pick a shade that's closer to your skin tone. When it comes to under-eye application, go with a pink or peachy tone. Keep the concealer away from the outer corner of your eye where it can creep into little crow's feet lines. Just apply it from the inner corner to the center of your pupil.

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