10 Common Makeup Mishaps


Border Dispute

When lipstick migrates from your lips to the surrounding skin, it can make you look more like a child playing dress-up than an adult preparing for a night out. The tiny lines around your mouth provide the highway that lets your lipstick jump its boundaries. These lines are a natural result of aging, but factors such as smoking and sun damage can hasten and increase them.

An emergency fix for this problem is to use a damp paper towel to wipe away all of the lipstick. Use foundation or powder to conceal the stain around your mouth. Then brush a thin layer of lipstick on the center of the lips, staying away from the corners and edges of your mouth.

To prevent lipstick bleed, try this method of application:

  • Pre-treat the mouth area with moisturizer and translucent loose powder to prevent color spread
  • To help keep lipstick in place, try a full-mouth application of a natural-colored lip pencil or oil-free foundation before applying the color
  • Apply lip liner around your lips to create a bleed barrier
  • Use a brush to paint on the lipstick, starting in the center and working outward with small, precise strokes
  • Press your lipstick into your lips with your finger
  • Brush a bit of powder on top of the lipstick

The next makeup mishap may take you by surprise. Read on.