5 Iconic Cosmetics

Mary Kay Ash in 1982. Get great tips with our makeup tip pictures.

In 1968, Mary Kay Ash walked into a Dallas Cadillac dealership. Five years earlier, at the age of 45, she had started Beauty by Mary Kay with just $5,000 in savings. By the time Ash walked into that dealership, the company had already hit the $1 million sales mark, thanks to the female sales representatives who sold cosmetics. In Dallas, Ash pulled out her compact, pointed to her pink blush, and asked for a car in exactly that shade. The dealership complied, and off drove Mary Kay Ash in her pink Cadillac. The car became so well-known that Ash began offering them to her top sales representatives each year. Even now, the pink Cadillac is an icon, an immediately recognizable symbol of Mary Kay.

That pink Cadillac isn't the only icon in the world of makeup, though. In this article, we'll present five famous products that have set themselves apart from the pretty-making pack.