5 Iconic Cosmetics

Maybelline Mascara

Most brothers make a gagging reflex when their sisters talk about makeup, but paying attention to his sister paid off tremendously for T.L. Williams. His sister, Maybel, used petroleum jelly and coal dust to make her eyelashes look dramatic, and in 1913, Williams began a company to market her product. At first sold as a cake, Maybelline began selling tubes complete with brush applicators in the 1960s, becoming the first mass-marketed mascara with the feature [source: Maybelline]. But Maybelline made its real mark on women's eyes in 1971, when it introduced Maybelline Great Lash. This mascara is instantly recognizable by its pink and green tube, the colors of which were inspired by designer Lilly Pulitzer [source: PR Newswire]. Every two seconds, at least one tube of Great Lash is sold in the United States [source: Alexander]. The lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere? Listen to your sister.

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