Top 5 Makeup Removers for Oily Skin

Gentle Cleansers

As with other skin care products, it might take some experimenting to find the right combination to effectively clear off the day's makeup while still taking care of your skin.

When all is said and done, the best type of makeup remover for most skin types -- including oily -- is usually going to be gentle cleansers. You'll want to find a lathering cleanser, which is best suited for people with normal to oily skin [source: Draelos].

While gentle cleansers are especially recommended for the delicate eye area to handle the removal of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, you can also use them on other areas of your facial skin. If you're not using a lot of makeup products, these should be able to handle their removal.

Gentle cleansers tend to use a mix of water and glycerin, making them the least invasive of all the makeup removers on this list. This enables them to cleanse the skin of makeup products and some oils without drying it out too much

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