10 Must-have Items in Your Makeup Bag



A blusher can give you that rosy-cheeked, healthy look--but only if you pick the right shade and apply it correctly. It's isn't that hard; simply match your blush color to your skin tone. The lighter your skin, the paler your blush should be. Women with fair complexions usually look best in pink or coral hues. Wine or burgundy accentuates darker skin well.

Blushes come in powders and creams. Powder is quicker and easier to apply, but creams sit more smoothly on dry, parched cheeks.

There are some rules to putting on blush, though. Don't apply blush in the middle of your cheeks, unless you're planning to run off and become a circus clown. Follow the line of your cheekbones. If you're over 50, your cheekbones may have dropped a little, so make sure you know where they are and stick with them.

On top of your blusher, add a brush of shimmery bronzer to give your face a sun-kissed glow. Don't just bronze your cheeks -- make sure you also get the sides of your nose, your forehead and your chin to give yourself an all-over, natural-looking tan.