5 Tips for Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Choose Liquid Eyeliner

Beauty experts recommend liquid eyeliner for those with dry skin because eye pencils or powders can easily flake and make fine lines or wrinkles stand out. Applying liquid eyeliner -- again, with a very light hand -- can accentuate your eyes themselves and shift attention away from any wrinkles or flaws near the delicate skin around eyes.

Then, there's mascara. The rule of thumb is to replace it every three months because it can start clumping and also possibly become contaminated. Be careful with using waterproof mascara because some of these formulas can dry out your lashes. Brush mascara onto your lashes with gentle strokes, starting near the base of your eyelashes and sweeping out to the tips. One light coat is usually all you need.

Save your skin by removing mascara before you go to sleep. Some people use specially formulated eye makeup removers, and others use mineral or olive oil. Close your eyes, dab a few drops on a cotton ball, and swipe it gently across your lids and lashes. Proceed with your nightly facial cleansing regimen.

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